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Provides an overview of the YoloLancaster program, the latest news and upcoming activities.
News and information regarding the Yolo Lancaster program and its participants
Wellness and health concepts from across the web which are worth contemplating.
  Eat Right
Enjoy healthier meals with these ideas.
Keeping fit is key to enjoying life to its fullest.
  Live Well
A well-rounded and enriching life helps makes us happier. Find new happiness here.
  At Home
Wellness is a family affair. Find ideas for the whole family here.
  At School
Ideas for raising and educating healthier, happier children.
  At Work
Ideas to help improve health and fitness in the workplace.
Upcoming Activities and Events in and around Lancaster which promote community health and wellness.
Commercial and community organizations which support the ideas behind YoloLancaster
Links to other organizations with important information your health and well-being
The story behind Antelope Valley Partners for Health, its people and programs.
Ways you can get in touch with AVPH.
Where you can sign-up to be a part of the Yolo Lancaster program. It only takes a moment or two.
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Your personal health portfolio that tracks your activities and progress in the Yolo Lancaster program.
The terms under which Yolo Lancaster provides its services.
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How Yolo Lancaster protects children's privacy.