Board of Directors

Norm Hickling
Chairperson, Antelope Valley Transit Authority

Steve Angebrandt
Vice Chair, Edward Jones Investments

Maria Estrada
Secretary, Public Health

John Manning
Treasurer, High Desert Medical Group

Dennis Anderson
Chair Elect, High Desert Medical Group

Elvie Ancheta
Board Member, Pete Knight Veterans Home

George Gecy
Board Member, New York Life Insurance

Henry Hearns
Board Member, Mayor Emeritus-Lancaster

Roe Leer
Board Member, Business Person

Carlos Lopez
Board Member, Alterra Home Loans

Shannon MacDonald
Board Member, Commissioner

Benjamin Maish
Board Member, US Bank

Jill Zimmerman
Board Member, Antelope Valley College

Executive Staff

Michelle Fluke
Executive Director

Colleen Gulley
Director of Operations/Finance

Tiara Sigaran
Director of Research and Evaluation

Cheyanne Capelo
Director of Development

Vicky Bibby
Director of Direct Services

Contact Us

Our address:
44226 10th Street West
Lancaster, CA 93534



Antelope Valley Partners for Health

Antelope Valley Partners for Health (AVPH) is a community-based organization for local public health planning and intervention in the Antelope Valley.

Our Vision

It is our vision that all children and families in the Antelope Valley will have optimal psychosocial, physical and environmental health. “Healthy People in a Healthy Antelope Valley”

Our Mission

To educate, strengthen and advocate for the community through services and partnerships, achieving optimal health and quality of life for all people living in the Antelope Valley

Long Term Goals for Organization

  • Decreased rates of morbidity and mortality
  • Increased number of families and children accessing health and social services
  • Increased linkage and numbers of referrals for families and children to health care service providers and programs.
  • Children meeting age appropriate health developmental markers

AVPH seeks to improve the lives of the most vulnerable and underserved population of the Antelope Valley. This population includes adults and children of diverse ethnic origins who are currently living at or below the poverty line, have no access to health care services and must overcome the geographic barriers from living in the area.

AVPH has made significant changes in the following areas: access to health care, community needs assessments, mental health care in schools, dental health for low income children, nutrition and physical activity programs for children and their families, infant mortality issues, women’s health education, housing concerns for transitional foster youth, case management services for pregnant women, developed a community resource directory, developed a community-based care management consortium for senior citizens, addressed transportation issues, developed and implemented a coordinated comprehensive community network to support at-risk youth and their families and played a lead role in most local health and health policy issues.

Building Collaborative Partnerships

The history of AVPH represents an inventive community effort to improve access to health care and social services for residents, especially those living in rural outlying communities of the Antelope Valley. AVPH understands the reality and challenges in improving health and wellness of a community. AVPH seeks to continue developing partners and collaborations that will address the health needs of the Antelope Valley residents to ensure optimum health goals.

Your Health, Your Community

AVPH encourages all community residents to participate in our ongoing campaign to boost community health services, promote wellness and improve the quality of life in the Antelope Valley. With your help, we will meet the unique challenges in improving health care for families, children and individuals living and working in the Antelope Valley.